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Meet our instructors.

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Kristi Broes, Owner / Instructor

Kristi Broes is the wife of Salvatore Broes, and the mother of 4 precious children, Gabriel, Landen, Sofia and Abbie. She was born in Albany, GA and moved to Atlanta in 1991. Kristi started her journey into yoga 10 years ago when she was introduced to Baptiste Yoga and experienced the amazing transformation that Baron’s "Journey Into Power” sequence facilitated and created in her life. She immediately fell in love with not only the physical benefits of yoga, but also the spiritual and mental empowerment that yoga brought into her life. It enhanced her relationship with her kids, her friendships and most importantly her walk with the Lord! She can not wait to share her passion and this journey with everyone in her life!


Linda Bowman, Instructor

Linda is a long time yoga enthusiast and has been practicing since her high school days. She also has an active Pilates practice and meditates regularly. Linda is a Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours, White Belt certified NIA (dance, martial arts and mindfulness) instructor and certified in mat Pilates.

Yoga has contributed to her recovery from knee replacement and other injuries and compliments her wellness journey. Deepak Chopra and significant other scientific research suggest that yoga, movement, and pranayama or breath are essential pillars to our wellness and longevity. It is through stillness that we seek our Truth and receive Love and Grace.

In expanding her knowledge and practice, Linda became certified through Wendy Marshall at Mind Body Heart Yoga. As a teacher and guide, she hopes to assist in the transformation of others with a focus on post injury recovery and reaching beyond physical and mental limitations. Additionally, Linda conducts annual local and international retreats with an emphasis on daily yoga practice, mindfulness, connections, creativity, and adventure.

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Mary Beth Howell, Instructor

Mary Beth is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, RYT-500 and dedicated to Baptiste Yoga and sharing inspirational teaching an love for building community and empowering others. Her teaching is dynamic and physically challenging, yet fun and educational, with a focus on alignment and and methodology.

Many paths and master teachers have contributed to her journey and education but none as powerful as her training with Baron Baptiste.


Hollie Lytle, Instructor

Hollie had almost 60-degree curve in my spine and yoga has kept her out of traditional office physical therapy and given new life and healing to her bones! She began practicing more than ten years ago and has been trained in both Hatha and Ashtanga. Hollie is an RYT-200 teacher. She was a collegiate athlete, so her practice is typically challenging in both muscle and mind. Faith led her to Christ-centered yoga which has only deepened her relationship with God and has opened a new door for praise and worship. Her intentions are to serve and guide students / warriors into a new-found expression of confidence and strength. Yoga is for everyone!


Sal Broes, Owner / Instructor

Salvatore Broes III is the husband of Kristi Broes, and the father of 4 amazing children, Gabriel, Landen, Sofia, and Abigail. He is former military and served 12 years active duty around the world. He completed multiple combat tours, both as a soldier and as a government contractor. His physical readiness and mental toughness developed into a desire to help others achieve their own pursuit of physical fitness.

Through the years, Sal has not only been a soldier but has also worked as a personal trainer. During his time in the Army working in some of the world’s toughest environments, Sal has needed to stay in shape mentally, physically and emotionally. He believes, and knows first hand, the power that exist in staying physically ready and mentally tough. Sal has a passion to help others achieve their own personal goals through body enhancement and mental training!

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Gabriel Broes, Lion Meditation Instructor

In Gabriel’s words, “My name is Gabriel Broes. I am in a wheelchair. I was diagnosed with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorder (CMT). I am a student at DCJH, and I am in band and chorus. The way I got into lion meditation was with my stepmom, Mrs. Kristi, who does yoga. When Mrs. Kristi introduced me to meditation, I fell in love.”


Kendall Maze, Instructor

Kendall began practicing yoga her senior year of high school when declining health prevented her from continuing her career as a competitive swimmer and triathlete. Through her fight with anorexia, her yoga mat became a safe place where she was able to connect mind, body, and soul. Helping her regain both mental and physical strength, yoga has allowed her to live a life she never thought possible. Today Kendall is a student and research/lab assistant at the University of North Georgia while perusing her passion of marine biology and conservation. She is also thrilled to be able to share her love of yoga; to help others let go, connect, and find the strength they don’t realize is inside of them.


Mandy Northrop, Instructor

When Mandy was in her teens and early 20s, she suffered from seizures. She didn’t like the way that medication made her feel, and so she searched for a more natural way to deal with them. She began practicing yoga to help connect with her breath and get a deeper awareness of her body to help feel a sense of control of her body. Yoga has changed Mandy’s life, and she has been seizure free for over two years. Throughout the years, her passion and desire to cultivate a personal practice has grown to a point that she wanted to share the benefits and love she has for the practice. Mandy is a RYT-200 hour teacher registered with yoga alliance, and she completed her training in Mal Pais Costa Rice.

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Jess Place, Instructor

Jess Place is an RYT-200 certified yoga instructor. She became interested in yoga about four years ago when her back began to give her problems due to poor posture (she’s 6’3”), playing basketball in high school and college, two pregnancies, and being involved in multiple car wrecks over the years.

Due to anxiety and depression, among other negative mind-states, Jess began a meditation practice six years ago, taking a mindfulness course based on the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn. After finding vast relief in her own life, she wanted to share Mindfulness and meditation with others. For this reason, she has been teaching Mindfulness and meditation to people of all ages and walks of life for the past three years.

Amidst the many lessons she has learned on this journey, she has learned to appreciate herself, gain perspective, and accept life as it is with gratitude and love. She hopes to help others find their own personal path toward more peace and happiness.


Kriss Wasel, Instructor

Kriss is a recent transplant to the North Georgia, moving here a year ago from the gulf coast of Florida. Kriss has been practicing yoga for over 14 years. At first attracted to the practice as a part of her physical fitness routine, Kriss found her true passion for yoga during a time of intense turmoil that threatened to turn her world upside down. Finding herself suddenly in a new town, far from family and friends, the comfort and strength she found in yoga provided her the tools she needed to put the pieces of her life back together and find growth both in spirit and in body. It is this healing journey that inspires Kriss to guide others. Kriss’ goal as a yoga teacher is to offer students a space for self-healing, mental clarity, and occasional laughter.